Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NL division series Cin vs Ari

This series has offense written all over it!

Cinci comes at you from every spot in the lineup. They feature a plethora of guys who hit and one of them is my favorite player not named Bocachica, Tomo Martin. He does it all from the catcher spot. Phenominal offensive player who should be the NL mvp. If he has an off game don't worry Lee, Everett, Santos, and Cameron will make sure you are on your toes. Great, great offensive team.

As good as Cinci is Arizona is no slouch. They come at you with 3 hitters boasting a .961 OPS or higher. They also have 7 guys with 22 homers or more. You have to worry about Redondo, McConnell, and Ward. They are game changers. Don't know if 1-8 there is a more solid offensive team in the NL.

I think this series is going to come down to pitching and Cinci has some great arms. The best pitcher to ever grace Uecker world is Apollo Madson. After getting his 300th win and turning 38 he still went out and through 200 solid, solid innings. Sad thing for other teams is that he may not be the best current arm on the squad. That distinction could fall to John Shibata. He worked in 220 innings of sub 2.60 era ball this year. If the starters make it to the 7th the game is over. Cinci has a great back end bullpen with 5 steller arms ready to come in and shut you down.

Arizona is at a disadvantage here. After failing to acquire pitching help at the deadline they will depend on Yean Carlos Avilan and Pedro Oropesa. If they can get quality innings and avoid the bullpen having to eat innings it gives them a punchers chance.

Make no mistake Arizona is a good team, however, Cinci is a wreaking machine. I don't know if there is a team that can beat them this year in either league. Cinci in 4.

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