Monday, December 12, 2016

Welcome to Season 35

First off congrats to Tampa on the World Championship. Some timely hitting,  and  Donaldo Flores shutting the door propelled them to hoisting the trophy. It was a good run for Nubin and Burlington. Was pulling for you.

I'd like to welcome the three new owners to Uecker and thank the returning owners for their dedication to the league. I know it isn't always the most vocal group but I think Kartchy does a great job running it and the fellow owners are top notch. This is my 8th season here and I don't recall a disagreement ever.

Want to remind the new owners of the $25 million max IFA budget. You can start with $20 mil and transfer the other $5 mil if needed. Also please remember to manage your minors and we don't accept tanking. Kartchy can add anything else as this is all I remember.

Good luck this year folks and please don't get mad when that Championship Trophy travels to Durham after the season!

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