Thursday, December 15, 2016

Some tips and fun facts

Most of you have much more experience than I do so you might know all the little intricacies of the game, or you may not. I just wanted to share some of the little details you might not know.

Player Development:

  •  Off-season Development for pitchers are for categories like Stamina, Durability, Makeup, Velocity. They do not improve during the season unless they are a DITR.
  •  For Hitters: the development is Power, Range, Durability, Speed, Throwing Strength, They won't improve during the season either. 
  • In Season Development for Pitchers are the other categories like Effectiveness, GB/FB, Pitches, Control.
  •  For Hitters the development will be for Glove, Throwing Accuracy, Contact, Vs R and Vs L, 

  • Obviously games are simulated 3 times a day on the Part 1 Cycles
  • Player Development occurs only on these cycles as well. If you're looking out for the next development cycle, it will come on Part 1
  • International Prospects only come up during the Part 2 cycles. If you are looking out for international prospects, only look during Part 2. 

I'll have more later.

Also, before the season starts I'll have the preseason top prospects

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