Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Here is the list of preseason top prospects by each position. I focused more on current rating as it was easier to project. I also left out Diamond in the Roughs because they too are hard to predict. Players in the minors without ML experience were the only ones considered.

C: Michel Aybar - Montreal Profound Boules
1B: Hanley Grahe - Helena Bears
2B: Horacio Vicente - Pawtucket Pickers
3B: Matty Nunez - St. Louis Clydesdaves
SS: Ivan Rios - Montreal Profound Boules
OF: Will Gonzales - Oklahoma City Sliders
OF: Bryan Long - Montreal Profound Boules
OF: Paxton Shipley - Buffalo Buffalo Bisons

P: Leonys Lugo - Pawtucket Pickers
P: Rafael Adames - Buffalo Buffalo Bisons
P: Louie Kim - Buffalo Buffalo Bisons
P: Curtis Gott - Memphis BBQ Baby Back Ribs
P: Houston Buckley - Memphis BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Don't get mad if your player wasn't there that you think should be! A lot of these were tough calls and my opinion also doesn't mean much. I'll take suggestions for the mid-season prospect list!

I'll try to expand it next time as well. Maybe top 10 overall or top 10 pitchers and positions. Maybe one day we can get it to top 50 overall prospects.

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