Thursday, December 29, 2016

AL South Outlook

OKC- After making the move from Huntington OKC is looking to win the division again this year. They didn't make many moves or lose any players really. This team has a really good core and is lead by slugger Yuniesky Mercedes and Wilfredo Borbon. The pitching is some of the best in the league and the back end is locked down by Julio Cubillan and Hector Romano. If it gets to them the game is usually over. If the offense is good this team has a chance to compete for the crown. Very good squad.

AUSTIN- Coming off an 89 win season and narrowly missing the playoffs the Rattlers are looking to take the next step. They made a couple nice moves in picking up slugger Terry Stowers and starter Shelby Benningson. On offense they will be paced by rising young star Bobby Ray Stanton and veterans Stowers and Harry Moraga. The team is strong in the rotation with Dean Skipworth, Renyel Montero, and rookie Hootie Russell(who the Durham scouts thought was drop to them in the draft). OKC is gonna be tough to dethrone but no reason this team won't be on the door step and competing for a wild card.

JACKSON- After competing for the division crown a few years ago the team has struggled to hit the .500 mark the last few seasons. They are in a slight rebuild mode it seems and with a managable payroll and some talent in the pipeline will be competing for the playoffs in a year or two. On offense they are paced by former ROY Enny Latos and the rotation is led by Juan Jacquez. I don't see them improving on the record of last year but the team isn't a dumpster fire.

SAN JUAN- Speaking of dumpster fire! The last few years this team has had multiple owners and needed a fireman to step up and put out the flames. It looks they found there man in trbrew! The team is gonna take a few years to get righted but it is not devoid of talent. The rebuild will be lead by former 3rd overall pick Buddy Carter and slugging OF Sticky Bush. The team has made some fiscally proper transactions and I look for them to pick up some talent in all available means. We can stifle the contraction talk because San Juan will rise again!

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