Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Divisional series preview Bos vs Mon

In the second match up we will break down Boston vs Montreal.

Offensively we have another very close contest. Boston doesn't have one superstar on the hitting side but is paced by great hitters in Mac Aoki, Crash Villarreal, Omar Polonia, and Miguel Ortiz. All contributed immensely to Boston's offensive success this season.  Boston did a really good job of spreading it around as 13 players garnered more than 200 AB's this season.

Montreal is paced by Angel Zumaya and Louis Polonia. Both capable of changing games with thier bats. Budding superstar Max Osborne contributed greatly this year. With a .869 OPS and only 12 homers it means that he gets on base and drives balls to the gap. Very solid offensive squad all around.

Pitching edge definitely tilts to Boston. They put up extremely good numbers for playing half their games in Fenway. Not one of his starters is going to blow you away but they are solid. Bullpen doesn't blow you away but as unspectacular as the numbers are they produce.

Montreal features 5 starters that can be considered innings eaters. Which is what they needed with their offensive prowess. Bullpen features stud Ismael Castro who can close the door on any situation. He is surrounded by some other good arms. If they can get 6 effective innings from the starters this bullpen can shut you down.

If Boston can get good innings from the starters they should win this series, Lots of talent and very even keel team. If pitching is fair Montreal wins in 4.

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