Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NL divisional series Tol vs Tampa

Offensively the power numbers are close but that is about it.

Toledo gets on base very well( they don't have a player with more than 230 at bats who doesn't cary at least a .330 OBP) and when they do there is a great chance they will get the runs across. They feature 5 guys with 20 or more home runs and are paced by Jon Stanley and Irving Guzman. At first glance the offense doesn't look spectacular but when you dig in a little the truth comes out. They are good.

Tampa is powered by stud Yunesky Mercedes. He does everything for this offense besides steal bases. With an OPS close to 1.000 he is a threat every time he has the lumber in his hands. Brutus Turner excelled in what appears to be a part time role but Tampa might need him to provide firepower in more of a full time capacity if they want a chance. 

The Buds have 5 very good starters who are capable of giving them innings of great pitching. 1-5 they are very solid. Toledo relies on these guys as the bullpen is not deep. They do have 3 very good options and if it gets to Klassen he will close the door. He converted on 54 of 57 save chances this season. 

Tropics pitching is buoyed by 2 time fireman of the year Donaldo Flores and starter Wladimer Soler. Soler while not  huge strikeout pitcher has great stuff. Flores, while a little off this year, still knows how to close the door. 

Honestly Toledo should win this series in 4 or 5 even if the pitching doesn't hold up well. However you can never count Tampa out. They are always in the mix year after year. 

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