Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On to the divisional series... 1st breakdown Chi vs Tre

First off congrats to the teams who have been eliminated already. Not easy to make the playoffs! Good job and good luck next year!

Match up #1  Chicago vs Trenton...

Offensively the teams are fairly close with team OPS's separated by a mere .06 rating.  The main difference between the two is that Chicago has more speed which is shown in their SB and extra base hit totals.

Chicago is paced by lead off stud Kendry Tarasco who is always a threat when on the base paths and super sluggers Joe O'conner and Juan Gallardo. X factor for Chicago could be Tim Freeman. The young slugger had a great year and seems to be a steal for where he was drafted in season 29.

Trenton trots out superstar Ruben Bocachica, who set the season RBI record and slugged 66 home runs. He's followed up by budding star Erik Bard and a couple other sluggers who can put the ball over the wall with regularity.

Pitching is also very close but tilts towards the side of Chicago again. Between the teams there are no real super stars. Trenton's Teoscar Chantres is as close to it as you will see in the series. The only advantage that may slide one way or the other is Trenton's bullpen. The bullpen could very well be the deciding factor if Chicago gets to Trenton's starters.

In the end Chicago should be expected to win in 5. Tough team with lots of talent that won't be neutralized by Trenton's small park.

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