Thursday, August 18, 2016

NL playoff preview

The little sister league actually has some big brother type teams. Cincinatti is a stone cold killer and will come in well rested, as they could have been on auto pilot since the mid season classic. Solid, solid, squad. We also have the classic graybeard demolition squad coming out of Toledo. With over 26000 wins and 21 world series titles he knows how to put together a team. In Arizona, Kartchy has his division locked up and is stuck in the 3rd seed. Just kinda biding his time waiting to unleash the fury.

Tampa Bay pretty much has the first wild card locked up. After taking NLCS participate Toledo to the brink last year can they beat either of the ass whooping machines in Cincy or Toledo this year?

Here is where it starts to get ugly. There are 6 teams vying for 2 playoff spots.  The goofy part is that there are 3 that can win the NL south and 3 that can take the second wild card. The 2nd place finisher in the South has zero shot at the wild card. Honestly we should take the spot from the south and just make a 3rd wild card. They are probably gonna say we all 3 are good and just beat up on each other. This ain't football. Be a shame to have a team with a losing record keep a better squad out but that's how the ball bounces.

I think when it comes down to it we'll feel the Sting and Charleston will come out victorious over the little Texan's that couldn't and the fast food king Memphis.

The 3 way race for the last wild card spot is honestly anybody's. They are all peeing down their legs currently with losing streaks a glow. Helena is just happy to be in contention for something other than the doormat. Have you ever been to Philly? Surprised that team is still kicking and hasn't been eliminated from the throngs of dysentery. And the Pickers might have to forfeit if that can't push back the start of their scavenging show on A&E network. All joking aside if Helena can salvage the last game of this current series they are in the driving seat. The final games against Seattle and Vancouver are about as easy as it gets.

Good luck in the playoffs fellas!

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